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Before anything else it is a tradition in the Guilty Circuit to prove their pedigree in the series. In my case I played Reload in an arcade. I used Anji and Venom. That was a long time ago and I did that once or twice before the cabinet disappeared..  A lot of hours were spent in story mode for AC Plus for the PS2. I liked Zappa. Hes cool. Raoh is cool, and strong. I even made a combo video, which should be enough to prove my veteranness. I was banned on Dustloop once. Anyway when Xrd was announced everyone was excited and a year later they got excited again when they could buy it. I was one of those people.  After playing through it and collecting my thoughts I thought it would be cool to write down my concerns and problems with the game so here goes:

1.  Models

The models are nice looking and all but unfortunately for ps3-owning me I am not fully equipped to appreciate it. Nonetheless there is a glaring flaw I’ve found in the models or perhaps the character design in general.  GG characters have some sort of featured text to them in their design like Sol’s FREE or Ky’s HOPE. These always left a strong impression thanks to the guy that draws the portraits. However with the 3d models they have now they have the space needed to plaster them clearly. The problem is that they look like they dont fit. Is it the shading? The coloring? Anyway they look pasted on like car stickers and that sorta sucks. Also people didn’t like Millia’s new design but they’re crazy.

2. YRCs

Did you know they are supposed to be pronounced as “Yerks”? The folks at Arc really love their made up language. Anyway theres a lot of heat over burst oses so my suggestion is to replace this worn out mechanic and bring FRCs “Fercs” back. Just a thought. The blue effect was way cooler looking too.

3. PRCs

Not too many people brought up much steam over this but I think its a problem because I dont want to get any accidental prcs when i try to yrc os

4. Danger Time

This system left players scratching their heads. Just the way its triggered with clashes left me with memories of KOF12. Mortal Kounters are awesome though so leave clashes on their own and make Instant Kill Activation cause danger time instead. Can you imagine that? Too good.

5. Blitz Shield

Or should I say… Slashbacks??? Enough said.

6. This game needs a Turbo option

7. Netplay – the bars still have no relation to any measurement in reality. One day someone will figure out what they really mean. Only then will we have XrdCaster.

8. Elphelt

So glad I got the code for her because I can actually win with her. Also her personality is different between story mode and the battles somehow. plotholes much?

9. Advanced tricks like throw os and jump install are now fully acknowledged and thats kinda interesting but hard to do

10. Throws are strong. Are you looking at this capcom

If you take Sirlin as the head and Mike Z as the tail of Xrd opinions then this could be comparable to the edge…. somethings are bad but also there some good things too. Thats how it works.

In conclusion this game may have strange stuff but maybe it’ll all work out in the end? In the meantime I’ll be grinding for ranks.

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  1. I had heard a lot of good things about the Guilty Gear franchise, but never really got into it due to my lack of skill in fighting games. All

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